Family Mediation

Ari Kaplan mediates family disputes and is dedicated to helping people find effective options to resolve family, money and business issues. He is sensitive to family matters and the costs. He is discreet and confidential, trained in screening and conflict reduction. Ari is a founding member of the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario.

Provisions protecting a spouse’s entitlement to benefits exist in pension legislation across the country, a helpful overview of which is provided by Ari Kaplan
— Justice Pamela A. Kirkpatrick, BC Court of Appeal

Ari wrote Canada's first book in Pension Law and is an authority on how family law and spousal rights intersect with pensions and benefits. He helps resolve support/equalization, parenting and retirement, and succession transfers. He is retained by family lawyers and has negotiated family settlements. 

Ari conducts sole mediation, co-mediation and arbitration, and works with valuators and family professionals. He has been independent counsel to a beis din tribunal. 


Ari represented an ex-spouse in a case called Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Board v. Ontario. In it, Anne Stairs made a deal with her ex-husband to secure a pension assignment after he died. The Ontario Court of Appeal upheld her bargain and ordered the pension plan to divide his death benefits, reasoning:

In my view, pension benefits may be transferred under a domestic contract. This makes sense and provides flexibility to the parties in resolving family property issues in an equitable manner that recognizes the economic reality of many families.
— Mr. Justice Dennis O'Connor A.C.J.O, Ontario Court of Appeal

The "Stairs precedent" led to legislative reform on pension splitting in Ontario. Pension beneficiaries and their spouses may now receive a Family Law Value Statement from the pension administrator to facilitate resolving pension issues for dividing family property and support.


Basic Family Mediation Fee: $1,800 + HST. Package Includes:

  • Intake: preliminary review and calls

  • Mediation: Half-day of facilitated negotiation with parties and representatives (Fees after initial half-day are at an hourly rate).

For more, or 416.565.4656 / 1.844.819.8525. See also, Calendar