In a benefits mediation, compromise and compliance are compatible
— Ari Kaplan

Workplace Mediation

Ari Kaplan mediates all employment law and pension and benefit disputes involving:

  • Employers (corporations and private sector, agencies and public sector, boards of directors, boards of governors, multi-employers)

  • Unions and Associations (grievance arbitration, bargaining and committees, bylaws and constitutions, union-sponsored and staff plans)

  • Administrators (pension committees, boards of trustees, insurance companies, wind-up professionals)

  • Individuals (employees, pensioners, spouses and beneficiaries)

  • Governments (agencies, regulators, legislators and adjudicators)

  • Lenders and creditors (financial institutions and insurers, bondholders, creditor committees, debtors-in-possession)

  • Service providers (accountants, actuaries, advisors, investment managers and consultants, trustees).

Before and during court proceedings, Ari facilitates with parties to resolve group and individual interests in employment, benefit, termination or insurance disputes. In labour proceedings, Ari leads grievance arbitration on pensions and benefits with an eye on consensual resolution. In regulatory proceedings, Ari helps parties resolve uncertainties with agencies and governments.


Ari Kaplan has 20 years experience in workplace law advocacy and settlement on behalf of associations and unions, employees and pensioners, boards of trustees, private and public sector. He is a balanced neutral with subject expertise. Ari’s book Pension Law is cited in dozens of judgments and arbitration awards.  

Contact or 416 565.4656 / 1 844 819.8525 to inquire about a mediation or grievance arbitration. Ari’s calendar is here and on