Ari Kaplan is an attorney, author, and adjunct professor, renown for his expertise in pension and benefits law. He is a legal mediator, an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professional and member of the ADR Institute of Canada. He leads commercial, workplace, and family mediations with Mediation Benefits.

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Ari is Canada's first Qualified Mediator (Q.Med) with recognized expertise in pension law. In 2014, he facilitated a $140 million workplace settlement ending 12 years of litigation to the Supreme Court of Canada. See Case Study

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Mediation Style: Ari Kaplan believes that you can have conversations with a disputant to resolve a legal issue. Ari facilitates those conversations with an eye on resolution. He listens and asks questions. He helps decision-makers hear each other and find options to move from impasse to resolution. He offers confidential and impartial assessment and writes reports on request. He also leads arbitration.

Video: Ari Kaplan talks about The Art and Science of Pension Mediation (ADRIC national conference 2015).

Article: "A Call For Compromise: How to Avoid Legal Pitfalls of Pension Innovation" Benefits Canada May 2016