Case Studies

Lacroix v. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.

In 2017, Ari Kaplan mediated a class action settlement ending 18 years of litigation over a share of $150 million in pension surplus:

"Justice Charbonneau’s decision followed a report from mediator Ari Kaplan of Kaplan Law in Toronto": read Benefits Canada article HERE.

Superior Court of Justice Decision: 2018 ONSC 532

Telecommunications Employees Association of Manitoba Inc. et al. v. Manitoba Telecom Services

In 2014, Ari Kaplan facilitated negotiations that produced a $140 million workplace settlement between MTS Allstream, three trade unions and a pensioner group. The settlement benefited more than 9,000 people and ended 12 years of litigation to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Supreme Court answered a question of law and returned the case to the parties to implement its ruling. Ari was retained to facilitate the remaining issues and identify the parameters within which to negotiate a resolution. The settlement was put before the Court of Queen's Bench, which approved it and the judge stated:

During the negotiation process, several issues were identified which required consideration and resolution. In his report, Kaplan identified those issues and described the parameters within which each one was considered. I make no apology for quoting extensively from that report, which I accepted and endorse completely.
— Justice Donald Bryk, Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench
Those seeking mediation are lucky to have Ari Kaplan facilitate. His perspective, knowledge and style helped bring closure to our workplace dispute which persisted for over a decade prior to Ari’s help, for which all parties were extremely grateful. He has my full confidence and I recommend him without qualification.
— Paul Beauregard, former Corporate Secretary, MTS Allstream

Supreme Court of Canada decision: 2014 SCC 11 

Court of Queen's Bench settlement: 2014 MBQB 23